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CALL FOR PAPERS PPAI-95 Third International Workshop on Parallel Processing for Artificial Intelligence

2 Days During the Period: August 19-21, 1995 (Before IJCAI-95) Montreal, Canada The Third International Workshop on Parallel Processing for Artificial Intelligence will be held in Montreal, Canada in conjunction with IJCAI-95. This workshop follows in its format two successful workshops on the same topic, held at IJCAI-91 and IJCAI-93. At IJCAI-93, Parallel AI was finally established in the main stream of Artificial Intelligence. This fact is supported by the number of papers and activities in the Proceedings that pertain to Parallel AI, and by the Computers and Thought Award given for work in Massive Paral- lelism. The intent of this workshop is to bring together hardware architects, AI researchers, and application engineers who are engaged in or interested in parallel artificial intelligence. Through key presenta- tions and ample discussions, it is hoped that the workshop will facil- itate the exchange of ideas among researchers and contribute to bridg- ing the gap between hardware architects and AI researchers. The granu- larity of parallelism discussed at the workshop will range from coarse-grain to fine-grain parallel processing. The program committee invites submission of high quality contributions on parallelism in AI. Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following: -- Parallel Algorithms for AI Parallel Search, Problem Solving, Planning, Constraint-Satisfact- ion, Decision Making, Natural Language Processing, Vision, etc. -- Parallel Inference Systems Parallel Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Parallel Deduction, Automated Theorem Proving, Concurrent Logic Languages, Implementations, Performance Evaluations, etc. -- Massive Parallelism for AI Massively Parallel Machines (Architecture, Benchmarks, etc.), Spreading Activation, Connectionism, Bulk Data Processing, Memory-Based Reasoning, etc. -- HW and SW for Parallel AI Parallel Architectures, Parallel Implementations of AI Languages, System Level support for AI, High Speed Disk I/O, etc. -- Progress reports from major parallel AI projects (RWC, HPCC, etc.). Please submit two (2) copies of a detailed abstract (approx. 1500 words) or a full paper (limited to 5000 words) to each of the three workshop chairmen listed below (i.e., a total of six copies) by March 1, 1993. Please send, if possible, an e-mail version of your paper to the chairmen as well (Plain Latex, or ASCII, or Compressed Postscript). All submitted papers will be reviewed by the workshop committee. Infor- mal proceedings containing accepted contributions will be made avail- able for the workshop. Similarly, as for the previous PPAI workshops, we intend to publish a book afterwards based on selected papers from the workshop. The previous books were published by North-Holland in the Machine Intelligence and Pattern Recognition Series (volumes 14 and 15). SCHEDULE Papers due: March 1, 1995 Notification of Acceptance: April 1, 1995 Camera-ready edition due: April 20, 1995 REGISTRATION WORKSHOP PARTICIPATION IS NOT POSSIBLE WITHOUT REGISTRATION FOR THE MAIN IJCAI-95 CONFERENCE. In addition, each attendee needs to pay a small registration fee for the workshop. See the IJCAI brochure for the exact amount. WORKSHOP FORMAT The workshop will run for two days. It will consist of several invited talks for hot topics, panels/discussions, and technical sessions with submitted papers. Basically, this inherits the format used in the IJCAI-93 workshop, which was proven to be effective. Two potential topics for invited talks are the HPCC and RWC initiatives. In addi- tion, we are planning to organize special topic sessions on specific problems which are of interest to a majority of the workshop attendees. All presentations will be limited in length, so that ample time for discussion is left after each individual paper. Additional time for discussion will be allocated at the end of each session. PPAI-95 WORKSHOP COMMITTEE Matt Evett, Florida Atlantic University (USA) James Geller, New Jersey Institute of Technology (USA) James Hendler, University of Maryland (USA) Hiroaki Kitano, Sony Computer Science Lab. (Japan) and CMU (USA) Franz Kurfess, New Jersey Institute of Technology (USA) Andrew Sohn, New Jersey Institute of Technology (USA) Christian Suttner, Technical University Munich (Germany) David Waltz, NEC Corporation (USA) PPAI-95 WORKSHOP CHAIRS Hiroaki Kitano Sony Computer Science Laboratory 3-14-13 Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa Tokyo, 141 Japan Phone: (+81) 3-5448-4380 Fax: (+81) 3-5448-4273 E-mail: Christian Suttner Technische Universitaet Muenchen Institut fuer Informatik D-80290 Muenchen, Germany Phone: +49-89-521098 Fax: +49-89-526502 E-mail: James Geller New Jersey Institute of Technology CIS Department 323 Dr. King Blvd. Newark, NJ 07102, USA Phone: (201) 596-3383 Fax: (201) 596-5777 Phone Messages: (201) 596-3366 E-mail: -- James Geller New Jersey Institute of Technology / CIS Department Newark, NJ 07102 email: /fax: (201) 596-5777 /voice: (201) 596-3383 ------------------------------------------------------------------------