Warnings on the SSIP Communicator

The SSIP Communicator is intended to be in public domain for the sake of free use, so I will not keep the copyright (although the copyright is created by the Japanese copyright law). However, the SSIP Communicator is used for education when I belonged to the Systems Development Laboratory of Hitachi, Ltd. This means Hitachi may have a chance to claim that it has the copyright, and so you should be careful if you use this program for commercial purposes. If you use it only for non-commercial purposes, no problem should happen. The SSIP Communicator was developed in two or three days, although it was debugged afterwards. I cannot guarantee the quality at all, so you must use this at your own risk. However, if bugs are discovered and reported, I will fix them as far as possible. If this document has errors, I will also try to fix them as far as possible.

Yasusi Kanada (yasusi @ kanadas . com)
Created: 12/30/2003, Updated : 9/30/2006