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Artificial Life
Chaos, Complex Systems, Nonlinear Systems
Cognitive Psychology
Cognitive Science
Computer Vision
Cybernetics and Systems Theory
Education and AI
Evolutionary Algorithms
Expert Systems
Fuzzy Logic
General AI
Knowledge Representation
Learning, Reinforcement
Machine Learning
Medical Applications of AI
Natural Language and Computational Linguistics
Neural Networks
Qualitative Modeling and Reasoning
Speech Recognition and Synthesis


Agents Resources List
pointers to resources on the web, from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County
MCC's Carnot project, Enterprise Information Integration, using AI and distributed agents
Distributed Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
interacting agents, human and software, at the University of Massachusetts
Experimental Knowledge Systems Laboratory
autonomous agents, at the University of Massachusetts
Intelligent Software Agents
a repository for information about agents and Web pointers to agents
Interface Agents
references to information on and off the net
OZ Project
building believable agents in dramatically interesting micro-worlds, at CMU
agents applied to the information sharing aspect of concurrent engineering; project is led by the Lockheed AI Center; subcontractors are the Stanford University Knowledge Systems Lab and Enterprise Integration Technologies
Soar IFOR Project
information on agents in the Soar project, from the Information Sciences Institute of the University of Southern California
software agents in software environments
World Wide Web Wanderers
agents that wander the Web, pointers, guide to developers

Artificial Life

Santa Fe Institute
AI, Alife, Cellular Automata, Genetic Algorithms, Evolutionary Computation, Time-Series Analysis
Artificial Life Online
at Santa Fe Institute
by Titus Brown
University of California at Los Angeles
Artficial Life papers, articles, software
See the next section.

Chaos, Complex Systems, Nonlinear Systems

Center for Complex Systems Research
at the Beckman Institute
Center for Nonlinear Studies
at the Los Alamos National Laboratory
Complex (Adaptive) Systems Information
at the University of Pennsylvania.
Links to Alife items such as Tierra site 1, site 2, and its manuscripts, Alife Distribution List, ... Cellular Automata, Genetic Algorithms, Evolutionary Programming, Genetic Programming, Cellular Neural Networks ...
Complex Systems
at LIFE, Australian National University.
Complex systems, Cellular automata (Gopher), L-systems (Tutorial and FTP), Fractals, Chaos, ...
Complexity International
an on-line journal, in HTML format
Santa Fe Institute
Chaos, Time-Series Analysis, Cellular Automata
Center for Nonlinear Studies, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA.
Nonlinear Science Archive
Cellular Automata Mailing List archive
at Thinking Machines Corp.
Chaos Figures: Lorenz Attractor and Time-dependent Behavior of Simple Dynamical Systems

Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive and Psychological Sciences
a wealth of pointers from Stanford University
Learning Research and Development Center
research in human learning at the University of Pittsburgh
a refereed, on-line, electronic journal for Psychology, including Biobehavioral, Cognitive, Neural, and Social Psychology
an on-line, electronic, interdisciplinary journal of research on consciousness

Cognitive Science

Cognitive and Computing Sciences
University of Sussex at Brighton's School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences
Cognitive and Psychological Sciences
a wealth of pointers from Stanford University
Cognitive Science and Engineering
at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands
Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences
Brown University's School of Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences
Cognitive Science
Cognitive Science at Georgia Tech
Cognitive Science
Cognitive Science at the University of Edinburgh
Institute for Research in Cognitive Science
at the University of Pennsylvania

Computer Vision

Computer Vision
an impressive list of Computer Vision related Web resources, at CMU (select this for text-only version)

Cybernetics and Systems Theory

Cybernetics and Systems Theory
various pointers, from Belgium
Principia Cybernetica
a philosophical treatise, in hypertext format

Education and AI

Applied Artificial Intelligence/AI in Education
a large number of pointers to work relevant for Education and AI

Evolutionary Computation

Carnegie Mellon
Genetic Art and Movies
Naval Research Lab
Genetic Algorithms source code and archived GA-List
New Mexico Tech
Genetic Music
University of Illinois
Genetic Algorithms source code and tech reports
University of Dortmund, Germany
Genetic Algorithms code, papers, archive
University of Texas
Genetic Programming code, papers, archive
Santa Fe Institute
AI, Alife, Cellular Automata, Genetic Algorithms and Evolutionary Computation (ENCORE, Some papers), Time-Series Analysis
Santa Fe Institute
Artificial Life

Expert Systems

an expert system shell available through the Software Technology Branch of the NASA/Johnson Space Center
fuzzy logic expert system shell, at the KSL of the NRC
Jet Engine Troubleshooting Assistant, at the KSL of the NRC

Fuzzy Logic

at the KSL of the NRC
Fuzzy Logic Archive
at Quadralay Corporation
Fuzzy Logic Collection
at Ostfold Regional College in Norway
Internet Fuzzy Logic Repository
bibligraphies, product descriptions and demo versions, papers, miscellaneous information, documents and reports, and programs, code and compilers

General AI

Association for Computing Machinery, Special Interest Group for AI. Including some AI related information resources
AI Societies Directory
hyperlinks to AI societies around the world
AI courseware
at the University of Texas
Artificial Intelligence Repository at School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University (Mark Kantrowitz's AI Page)
Various AI resources, including CMU AI Repository with Lisp Repository, and AI-related FAQs.
Canadian Society for the Computational Studies of Intelligence
what it is, how to join it
Family Tree
Family Tree of AI Researchers
Joural for AI Research, a refereed, on-line, electronic journal
Kluwer Academic Publishers
publishers of Machine Learning and Applied AI, includes tables of contents for journals, style guides, Latex templates
NSF Awards (a large text file)
Awards of the US National Science Foundation, Division of Information, Robotics, and Intelligent Systems (IRIS), including abstracts of award winners
statistics software

Knowledge Representation

ARPA Knowledge Sharing Effort
infomation and software related to the ARPA Knowledge Sharing Effort, at Stanford
Knowledge Sharing and the Logic Group at Stanford
information on KIF (Knowledge Interchange Format), at Stanford
Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language, at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Learning, Reinforcement

Reinforcement Learning
at Carnegie Mellon

Machine Learning

Automated Discovery Methods for Science
a project at Carnegie Mellon University
software for finding clusters in data
J. R. Quinlan's relational learner
Instance-Based Learning code from David Aha
Inductive Learning Group
the Inductive Learning Group at the University of Illinois
Knowledge Discovery Mine
variety of information on Knowledge Discovery in Databases, also known as data mining, knowledge extraction, information harvesting
a tree-structured network that is a generalization of CART, ID3, C4, MARS, and others; there is also a paper describing the algorithm
Machine Learning Archive
contains material related to Machine Learning (PostScript versions of papers, bibliographies, data sets, systems, a library of PROLOG implementations of basic machine learning algorithms), mostly from the European ESPRIT research projects MLT and ILP and from ML work at GMD
Machine Learning Information
at the University of California at Irvine; includes the Machine Learning Database Repository, the Machine Learning Software Repository, back issues of ML-List, and more
Machine Learning
table of contents of the journal
OC1 (Oblique Classifier 1) is a multivariate decision tree induction system designed for applications where the instances have numeric feature values
Protos system and other material from Bruce Porter
information on the Soar project, from the Information Sciences Institute of the University of Southern California
a project of data exchange and benchmarks for on-line handwriting recognition
University of Texas
Machine Learning work at the University of Texas
University of Wisconsin
the Machine Learning Research Group at the University of Wisconsin, Madison

Medical Applications of AI

Clinical Decision Making Group, part of MIT Lab for Computer Science
Department of Medical Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Vienna (IMKAI)
Stanford University Section on Medical Informatics (SMI) and Center for Advanced Medical Informatics at Stanford (CAMIS)

Natural Language and Computational Linguistics

Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences
Brown University's School of Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences
Computation and Language E-Print Archive
at the Los Alamos National Laboratory
Computational Linguistics
an extensive list of pointers, from MIT
European Network in Language and Speech
Natural Language Software Registry
a catalog of natural language software at the German Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Saarbruecken
Natural Language Processing research at OFAI
an on-line lexical reference system whose design is inspired by current psycholinguistic theories of human lexical memory

Neural Networks

The Neural Net FAQ (126kB, Local copy)
By Lutz Prechelt
Autonomous Land Vehicle Project
neural nets driving cars, at Carnegie Mellon University
MIT's Center for Biological and Computational Learning
Centre for Neural Networks
at King's College, England
Department of Cognitive and Neural Systems
at Boston University
Genesis neural network simulator, particularly suited for biological modeling
Kohonen's SOM and LVQ
Teuvo Kohonen's Self-Organizing Map and Learning Vector Quantization software
Neural Archive Site
at Finnish University
Neural Computing Center
at Keio University, Fujisawa, Japan
Neural Network Benchmarks, Technical Reports, and Source Code
maintained by Scott Fahlman at CMU; source code includes Quickprop, Cascade-Correlation, Aspirin/Migraines
Neural Network Home Page
at Eindhoven University of Technology
Neural Network Hyperplane Animator
program that allows easy visualization of training data and weights in a back-propagation neural network
Neural Network Software
clearinghouse for NN stuff
Neural Network Speech Group
at Carnegie Mellon University
Ohio State University archive of neural net articles
Pacific Northwest Laboratory
Neural Network Research at the Pacific Northwest Laboratory of the DOE, with pointers to various resources on the net
PlaNet neural network simulator
Rochester Connectionist Simulator
Rochester neural network simulation software
Studies of Artificial Neural Systems, at the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
neural network simulator developed and used by the connectionist group at the University of Toronto
Yale's CTAN
Advanced Technology Center for Theoretical and Applied Neuroscience
With Conference List and Activities

Qualitative Modeling and Reasoning

Qualitative Reasoning Research Group
QSIM Qualitative Simulator and related material, from Benjamin Kuiper's research group at the University of Texas
Qualitative Process Engine code and tools


Cognitive Robotics
papers of the Cognitive Robotics group at the University of Toronto


a simulation environment for track-driven robots
Robotics Internet Resources
a fine list of Robotics resources, at the University of Massachusetts (includes video clips of robots in action)

Speech Recognition and Synthesis

Neural Network Speech Group
at Carnegie Mellon University
Speech Recognition and Synthesis
software at Cambridge University


AI and Statistics
back issues of the AI and Statistics mailing list, plus some papers on related topics
Statistical Resources on the Internet
some pointers from Stanford University
Statistical Software and Datasets
some pointers from Nova Southeastern University
a great collection of statistics software and some data for testing statistical or machine learning algorithms
US Bureau of Census
a useful source of data for testing machine learning algorithms

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