Information on World Wide Web and Internet

Created: 9/7/94, Modified: 11/5/97.


O News on WWW and Internet

o What's New

o Newsgroups

The following information is obsolete...

o Mailing Lists

O Indices for Information on WWW and Internet

o WWW Information

o Gopher Information

o General Internet Information

O Introductions to WWW and Internet

o WWW Introductions in English

o WWW Introductions in Japanese

o Internet Introductions in English

o Internet Introductions in Japanese

O Cyberspace and Hypernetwork Projects

O Internet Server Indices

o World-Wide WWW Servers

o WWW Servers in Japan

o Gopher Servers

o Miscellaneous

O WWW/Internet Tools

o Indices

o Browsers

The Browser page contains indices to browser information, links to Mosaic, Netscape, MacWeb, TkWWW, and other browsers.

o Servers

o Search Engines and Robots for WWW and Internet

The Search Engine page contains information on WWW Search Engines, and Robots or Spiders, which search WWW space automatically. This page includes links to AltaVista, InfoSeek, Lycos, Harvest, Nomads, JumpStation, and others. This page also contains Verifiers for Web Links.

The Agent page contains information on intelligent agents for filtering or collecting information on the Internet.

o Proxy, Caching and Replication

o Mailing List Tools

o Miscellaneous Tools

O HyperText Markup Language (HTML)

The HTML page contains information on HTML: Indices, Introductions, Documents (in English and Japanese), Editors and other Tools, and so on. This page includes links to Hotmetal and others.

O Conferences on WWW, Internet and Hypermedia

The Conference page contains Internet- or WWW-related Conferences, including Conferences on Hypertext and Hypermedia.

O Research Papers on WWW

O Icon Collections

O Colors and Wallpapers

O Internet Business and Shopping

The Internet Business page contains information on various businesses, such as classified advertisement or tool/service supplies, on Internet and WWW. The Electronic Commerce and Shopping Page contains information on electronic commerce and shopping on the Internet. The Internet Space and Connection Providers Page contains information on Internet space (disk) providers, telephone and CATV connection providers and other types of presense providers.

O Schools and Education Using WWW and Internet

o Schools using Internet

o Education using Internet

O Miscellaneous

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