When the Java applet cannot be seen/run...

If Java has not yet been installed, it must be intalled first. That is, java.com is to be opened and [Free Java download] button is to be clicked, and Java is to be installed. (When both Internet Installer and another browser such as Firefox are used, it is recommended to install it using Internet Explorer.) After the installation, the web browser should be terminated, and re-opened.

The following configurations are required to run the Java applet of CCM even if Java (7 or 8) is installed. (Security of the following configurations is not absolutely complete, so, to improve security, it may be better to restore the original configuration after applet executeion becomes unnecessary.)

Let's open the Java control panel (i.e., search a control panel window in Windows (Vista, 7, 8, ...), and search a system environment config of the Apple menu in Mac (OS X) for the panel). Open the "security" tab (and if "enable Java contents" is not checked on the browser window, check it), and edit the exception site list (by pushing the button).


Site http://www.kanadas.com/ccm/ should be added to the exception list. A warning is displayed because HTTP is used instead of HTTPS, but anyway the site should be added. After the addition, the web browser (or the Windows in some case) must be rebooted, and then the Java applet becomes executable. A warning is displayed when trying to open the applet, but execute the applet after confirming that the opened page is a CCM's page.


Yasusi Kanada

Created: 4/12/2015.