Web World - The World Wide Web Conference

Web World - The World Wide Web Conference

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12 Oct 1994 13:05:20 -0500
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As the fastest growing facet of the Internet, the World Wide Web offers a
functionality that no company can afford to ignore. Just as the fax
revolutionized the way we communicate, so has electronic communication via
the Internet. The World Wide Web, enabled by NCSA Mosaic and similar
browser technology, allows information to be accessed and processed by users
of all levels. Modern companies will, inevitably, be drawn into this exciting
new medium both through the desire to disseminate their information and/or
services over the Web and through the need to access resources available on it.
In response to demand from our corporate IS audience, DCI will sponsor:

Web World
The World Wide Web Conference
Orlando, Florida
January 17 - 20, 1995

This exciting new event will cover all aspects of the World Wide Web in a two
(or three) day conference augmented by a day of how-to tutorials and a day
specially designed for developers. Examples of areas covered are:
* Security
* Corporate Implementation
	-necessary startup costs and technologies
	-from database to cyberspace and how to integrate legacy data
	-server implementation and administration
	-designing user interfaces that are user friendly and discourage the
Surf Impulse
	-dealing with Web cultural issues
	-maximizing the collaborative computing opportunities
* Searching techniques
	-evaluating tools for hypertext navigation/browsing
	-"agents and robots": effective data distillation
* Commercialization
	- home banking and transactions like Cybercash and DigiCash
	- providers like Internet Shopping Network and NETworth
* Vertical industry opportunities
	- government: NASA and NOAA share experiences
	- health care: is the virtual hospital far away?
	- periodical publishers
	- education: research, scientific, library and campus wide Information
* Functionality Today
	-interactive forms and secure data transmissions
	-statistical data collection and profiling
	-gateways to other Internet applications: ftp, EMail, gopher and telnet
* Products Demos - available now, with new products introduced at the event

We expect this event to sell out. If you are interested in reserving a spot, or just
in receiving more information, communicate with us immediately:
	EMail: SEMINAR@dci-inc.com
	voice: 508 - 470 - 3880
	fax: 508 - 470 - 0526
Be sure to provide your address, phone, fax and EMail address for immediate
response. If you don't see a topic that you need, let us know right away....this
technology is developing as we speak!!

Please refer to Priority Code FSAQM00