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21 Nov 94 18:36:16 GMT
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 ***  Announcing a new book ***
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Edited by Ron Sun and Larry Bookman ISBN 0-7923-9517-4 (Order information is in the end of this message) ------------------------------------------- The focus of this book is on a currently emerging body of research --- computational architectures integrating neural and symbolic processes. There has been a great deal of work in integrating neural and symbolic processes, both from a cognitive and/or applicational viewpoint, The editors of this book intend to address the underlying architectural aspects of this integration. In order to provide a basis for a deeper understanding of existing divergent approaches and provide insight for further developments in this field, the book presents (1) an examination of specific architectures (grouped together according to their approaches), their strengths and weaknesses, why they work, and what they predict, and (2) a critique/comparison of these approaches. The book will be of use to researchers, graduate students, and interested laymen, in areas such as cognitive science, artificial intelligence, computer science, cognitive psychology, and neurocomputing, in keeping up to date with the newest research trends. It can also serve as a comprehensive, in-depth introduction to this new emerging field. A unique feature of the book is a comprehensive bibliography at the end of the book. --------------------------------------------


Foreword by Michael Arbib Preface by Ron Sun and Larry Bookman Chapter 1 An Introduction: On Symbolic Processing in Neural Networks by Ron Sun Introduction Brief Review Existing Approaches Issues band Difficulties Future Directions, Or Where Should We Go From Here? Overview of the Chapters Summary

Part I Localist Architectures

Chapter 2 Complex Symbol-Processing in Conposit, A Transiently Localist Connectionist Architecture by John A. Barnden Introduction The Johnson-Laird Theory and Its Challenges Mental Models in Conposit Connectionist Realization of Conposit Coping with the Johnson-Laird Challenge Simulation Runs Discussion Summary Chapter 3 A Structured Connectionist Approach to Inferencing and Retrieval by Trent E. Lange Introduction Language Understanding and Memory Retrieval Models Inferencing in ROBIN Episodic Retrieval in REMIND Future Work Summary Chapter 4 Hierarchical Architectures for Reasoning by R.C. Lacher and K.D. Nguyen Introduction Computational Networks: A General Setting for Distributed Computations Type x00 Computational Networks Expert Systems Expert Networks Neural Networks Summary

Part II Distributed Architectures

Chapter 5 Subsymbolic Parsing of Embedded Structures by Risto Miikkulainen Introduction Overview of Subsymbolic Sentence Processing The SPEC Architecture Experiments Discussion Summary Chapter 6 Towards Instructable Connectionist Systems by David C. Noelle and Garrison W. Cottrell Introduction Systematic Action Linguistic Interaction Learning By Instruction Summary Chapter 7 An Internal Report for Connectionists by Noel E. Sharkey and Stuart A. Jackson Introduction The Origins of Connectionist Representation Representation and Decision Space Discussion Summary

Part III Combined Architectures

Chapter 8 A Two-Level Hybrid Architecture for Structuring Knowledge for Commonsense Reasoning by Ron Sun Introduction Developing A Two-Level Architecture Fine-Tuning the Structure Experiments Comparisons with Other Approaches Summary Chapter 9 A Framework for Integrating Relational and Associational Knowledge for Comprehension by Lawrence A. Bookman Introduction Overview of LeMICON Text Comprehension Encoding Semantic Memory Representation of Semantic Constraints Experiments and Results Algorithm Summary Chapter 10 Examining a Hybrid Connectionist/Symbolic System for the Analysis of Ballistic Signals by Charles Lin and James Hendler Introduction Related Work in Hybrid Systems Description of the SCRuFFY Architecture Analysis of Ballistic Signals Future Work Conclusion

Part IV Commentaries

Chapter 11 Symbolic Artificial Intelligence and Numeric Artificial Neural Networks: Towards a Resolution of the Dichotomy by Vasant Honavar Introduction Shared Foundations of SAI and NANN Knowledge Representation Revisited A Closer Look at SAI and NANN Integration of SAI and NANN Summary Chapter 12 Connectionist Natural Language Processing: A Status Report by Michael G. Dyer Introduction Dynamic Bindings Functional Bindings and Structured Pattern Matching Encoding and Accessing Recursive Structures Forming Lexical Memories Forming Semantic and Episodic Memories Role of Working Memory Routing and Control Grounding Language in Perception Future Directions Conclusions Appendix Bibliography of Connectionist Models with Symbolic Processing Author Index Subjct Index --------------------------------------------- To order: ISBN 0-7923-9517-4 Kluwer, Order Dept. P.O.B. 358 Accord Station, Hingham, MA 02018-0358 (617) 871-6600 FAX: (617) 871-6528 e-mail: ---------------------------------------------