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date: 18-Oct-94
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keys: laserdisc laserdiscs

excerpt: Select one of: * A series of extremely good information articles on LaserDiscs. Written * by Robert J. Niland. These articles should tell you everything you really * need to know about LaserDiscs, including information that is important to * people who already have LD players. *
Video Laserdiscs - University of Iowa

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date: 01-Sep-94
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keys: laserdiscs laserdisc

excerpt: Select one of: * HURRY!--Preorders for January 1994 Laserdiscs--Laserdisc Department * New Laserdiscs--Special Pre-Order Offer--April 1994
Laserdiscs of Motion Pictures

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date: 02-Nov-94
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title: Gateway to UCI Bookstore Gopher

outline: Gateway to UCI Bookstore Gopher

keys: laserdiscs laserdisc

excerpt: Gateway to UCI Bookstore Gopher January 7, 1994 The following list will give you access to the UCI Bookstore's world-renowned Gopher server. There, you'll find entertaining reviews and handy information on the Bookstore's many departments, and the latest on Bookstore events. Happy tunnels! Bookstore Database Search Search 80,000 of the Bookstore's books and CDs. Course Materials Coursebooks and course packets for UC Irvine and UC Irvine Extension Digital Media Expanded Books, CD-ROMs, Laserdiscs, and Software Japanimation/Anime Videotapes of the finest and strangest Japanese animation Medical Books Medical books in all specialties. At the UCI Store, The Marketplace, Irvine. Laserdiscs of Motion Pictures Current releases of films on laserdisc. Special pre-order
UCI Bookstore Gopher

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date: 15-Aug-94
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keys: laserdisc laserdiscs

excerpt: Reprinted from 101 Success Stories of Information Technology in Higher Project of EDUCOM's Educational Uses of Information Technology (EUIT) Program. McGraw-Hill, Inc. New York. 1993. For ordering information call 1-800-962-9342 or 609-426-5867. A Videodisc Project for Housework?" Karen Price and Ed Imbier, Harvard University Abstract This laserdisc and software give foreign students insight into American culture and an opportunity to interact with a cross section of American opinion about gender and housework. The disk contains lively opinions elicited from people on the street about who should do household chores such as washing dishes, vacuuming carpets, or preparing meals. In addition to videotaped interviews, students can access transcripts, text notes,

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date: 07-Nov-94
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title: Hotlist Page

outline: The Hotlist Page

keys: laserdiscs laserdisc

excerpt: Hotlist Page The Hotlist Page * Kapor Enterprises, Inc. WWW Server * ITRE Home Page * Trojan Room Coffee Machine * ArchiePlexForm * IRC - Internet Relay Chat * Untitled, URL * MIT AI lab --- fun stuff * Lawrence C. Mc Abee * Star Trek * Cardiff's Movie Database Browser. * Laserdiscs * The Perl Programming Language * Science fiction resource guide * Dryden Photos * Future Fantasy Home Page * NECI Service Providers * MLB Schedule Request Form * Cisco Information Archive Home Page * Boston Restaurant List * BBC NC * Amtrak Schedules 5/1/94 * Worl...

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date: 19-Oct-94
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keys: laserdiscs laserdisc

excerpt: University of Minnesota At the University of Minnesota, biology instructor Rick Peifer developed a multimedia presentation tool that can be used to present graphics, computer animations, laserdiscs, and text for a variety of... MacPresents is a HyperCard-based application that consists of two programs. The first program, Multimedia Presentation Manager (MPM), organizes and coordinates multimedia material for lectures and presentations. The second program, Graphic Database Manager (GDM), coordinates a graphic database and exports graphics for presentations. Using MPM, users can create pull-down menus to run multimedia presentations o... Using the Graphic Database Manager, users can search for files alphabetically, hierarchically, or based on key words. The GDM

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AT&T 800 Directory
LaserDisc Home Page

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date: 20-Oct-94
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keys: laserdiscs laserdisc

excerpt: PHYSICS, MATHEMATICS AND ASTRONOMY DATABASES AEROSPACE DATABASE [Computer Reference Service $$] Indexes scientific and technical reports, journals and conferences on basic and applied aeronautics, astronautics and space science, and related disciplines. Dialog File 108, with coverage from 1962+. BROOKHAVEN NATIONAL LABORATORY LIBRARY SYSTEM [Melvyl Library System] Includes Brookhaven's library catalogs, information on the Lab's technical reports, and access to National Nuclear Data Center databases. On Melvyl type EXPLAIN BROOK for information on gateway access to the system. CURRENT CONTENTS [Melvyl Library System] An up-to-date index of over 6,000 core academic and research journals in all scientific disciplines, as well as social sciences and humanities. Updated

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date: 24-Sep-94
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keys: laserdiscs laserdisc

excerpt: Institute for Academic Technology Introduction to Multimedia Equipment Diana Oblinger TPR04 A central feature of the information age, computing has revolutionized our ability to manage information. The emerging technologies of multimedia are allowing us to use the power of computers in new ways, allowing information exchange to move from text to the far more intuitive level of direct experience. This paper was designed to provide some initial information for those who wish to develop or display multimedia applications, or who would like to know more about the components of multimedia. After this brief orientation to multimedia equipment, you will begin to recognize that the range of possible peripheral devices, adapter cards and display technologies involved

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date: 30-Aug-94
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excerpt: inimr 10/22/92 17:45 About IMRC International Multimedia Resource Center Now Open. By Blair Bernhardt Through a joint effort between the Computing Center (LUCC), the International Multimedia Resource Center (IMRC), the Department of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL), and the Physical Planning Office, the International Multimedia Resource Center is now open in Maginnes Hall. The IMRC consists of a number of components including a multimedia computing lab (room 470), a classroom with a single multimedia-based computer and a projection system (room 480), and the World View Room in which international broadcasts may be viewed on a large-screen television. In addition, all classrooms and offices in Maginnes Hall have been wired with broadband cable which carries cable

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date: 09-Aug-94
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outline: Northwestern University Library Mitchell Media Center Electronic Resources Mitchell Media Center Fact Sheet

keys: laserdiscs laserdisc

excerpt: Mitchell Media Center Northwestern University Library Mitchell Media Center Mitchell Media Center Electronic Resources * Media Center Gopher Documents * About Perseus 1.0 Internet Media Resources * ACM SIGGRAPH Online Bibliography * Amateur Radio WWW Server * Asian/American Audio/Visual Resources * Cable Regulation Digest * The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Radio Trial * Current Billboard Charts * Cardiff's Movie Database * The CERL Sound Group * Thant Nyo's Guide to Digitial Movie Archives * Federal Communications Law Journal * FCC's online Archives (Gopher site) * Film & Video Resources on the Internet * Library of Congress Gopher TV Links Mitchell Media Center Fact Sheet

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date: 23-Sep-94
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keys: laserdiscs laserdisc

excerpt: Reprinted from 101 Success Stories of Information Technology in Higher Project of EDUCOMs Educational Uses of Information Technology EUIT Program. McGrawHill, Inc. New York. 1993. For ordering information call 18009629342 or 6094265867. Interacting with MusicStyle Larry Peterson, University of Delaware Abstract Interacting with MusicStyle is the first lesson of a series still under development to help with teaching collegelevel music appreciation. Since Style is the initial lesson in the series, it deals with various aspects of music vocabulary that is useful in comparing four musical works: the settings by Reichardt, Lowe, and Schubert of Goethes poem, Erlkonig, and a motet by Brahms. Computer graphics and controls are combined with performances and slides

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date: 01-Oct-94
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outline: Animation Gallery Automatic Explosive Detection Medical Imaging Fluid Dynamics Environmental Modeling Time Evolving Piper Diagrams Meteorological Animations Aero Dynamics Wave Propagation Semiconductor Devices

keys: laserdisc

excerpt: CRS4 Animation Gallery Animation Gallery The following is a selection of several movies produced at CRS4 , stored as MPEG files as well as in the LaserDiscs VideoLab . Click on the title to access the relevant index page or directly on the icon to access a single movie. Automatic Explosive Detection Investigation of direct volume visualization techniques as an effective inspection tool for automatic explosive detection. 480,769 bytes Medical Imaging These movies have been generated from CT and MRI data, using raycasting CT data: from skin to bone, back and forth 111,293 bytes Blood flow imaging from fast MRI data 753,852 bytes Fluid Dynamics These movies have been generated from simulation data Alfa Romeo Avio gas turbine 1,127,204 bytes A drop falling 250,541
CRS4 Animation Gallery
MPEG movies

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Laserdisc Store

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date: 20-Oct-94
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keys: laserdisc

excerpt: LD97: CAV vs CLV formats Revised: 24 Sep 92 Does a CAV disk produce a better picture than a CLV disk? Short answer: For free-run playback, not really. The quality difference between CAV and CLV is small, and much less dramatic than say, S-VHS vs VHS. (Of course, for seek.still/step/slow/fast, CAV is at least twice the image quality of CLV, and on most players, offers functions that CLV discs can't duplicate.) Long answer: 0. See also LaserDisc standard articles LD00 (overview) and LD12 (CAV still-frame/pulldown details). 1. Video signal-to-noise ratio starts out the same on CAV and CLV, but on CAV the s/n constantly (although slightly) improves as play progresses to the end of the side, where 2.6 times as much linear space is available for each pit/land. This

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Laserdisc Home Page
Laserdisc Info

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date: 23-Sep-94
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keys: laserdisc

excerpt: OnLine Images from the History of Medicine OnLine Images from the History of Medicine: Statistics Concerning the Image Catalog Records Analysis of the Picquick 3.93 video laserdisc and associated CDROM catalog reveals the following: * There are 58,834 catalog records. * 58,555 catalog records contain frame numbers and sideofdisc assignments 31,069 on side A, and 27,486 on side B. * 279 catalog entries are missing both frame numbers and sideofdisc assignment. * 407 catalog entries point to missing images on the video laserdisc. * There are 529,976 words in the catalog, 40,533 of which are unique. * Only 5,900 catalog records contain date information. * Only 4,326 catalog records indicate a geographical region or country as a location; of these, 893 records indicate

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