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excerpt: Reprinted from 101 Success Stories of Information Technology in Higher Project of EDUCOMs Educational Uses of Information Technology EUIT Program. McGrawHill, Inc. New York. 1993. For ordering information call 18009629342 or 6094265867. Interacting with MusicStyle Larry Peterson, University of Delaware Abstract Interacting with MusicStyle is the first lesson of a series still under development to help with teaching collegelevel music appreciation. Since Style is the initial lesson in the series, it deals with various aspects of music vocabulary that is useful in comparing four musical works: the settings by Reichardt, Lowe, and Schubert of Goethes poem, Erlkonig, and a motet by Brahms. Computer graphics and controls are combined with performances and slides

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excerpt: Select one of: * Music.txt * music01.jpg * music02.jpg * music03.jpg * music05.jpg * music06.jpg * music07.jpg * music08.jpg * music09.jpg * music10.jpg * music11.jpg * music12.jpg * music13.jpg * music14.jpg * music15.jpg * music16.jpg...

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title: Gateway to UCI Bookstore Gopher

outline: Gateway to UCI Bookstore Gopher

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excerpt: Gateway to UCI Bookstore Gopher January 7, 1994 The following list will give you access to the UCI Bookstore's world-renowned Gopher server. There, you'll find entertaining reviews and handy information on the Bookstore's many departments, and the latest on Bookstore events. Happy tunnels! Bookstore Database Search Search 80,000 of the Bookstore's books and CDs. Course Materials Coursebooks and course packets for UC Irvine and UC Irvine Extension Digital Media Expanded Books, CD-ROMs, Laserdiscs, and Software Japanimation/Anime Videotapes of the finest and strangest Japanese animation Medical Books Medical books in all specialties. At the UCI Store, The Marketplace, Irvine. Laserdiscs of Motion Pictures Current releases of films on laserdisc. Special pre-order
UCI Bookstore Gopher

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outline: Book, Music, Video, and Audio Book Queries

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excerpt: Book, Music, Video, and Audio Book Queries Is there a book, audiobook, cassette, CD, video, or laserdisc that you're having trouble locating? We might be able to help! * How to Query (Read This First) * Book Query Form * Music Query Form * Audio Query Form * Video Query Form

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title: Steve's Home Page

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excerpt: Steve's Home Page Stephen L. Hood ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ All About Me Name: Stephen L. Hood Email: Age: 19 Address: Indiana University, Bloomington, Ashton-Hershey 317 Occupation: Student (Sophmore) & Software Acquisitions (ACCESS MicroCenter, UCS) Home Phone: (812) 857-2056 Work Phone: (812) 855-0910 __________________________________________________________________________________________________ About the author... Steve was born in Carmel, California in 1974, and since that time has continued to gain knowledge and insight into the world around him. He was raised in Columbus, Ohio (really a very nice town, espec... Steve has many hobbies and interests
stephen langton hood (stlhood)

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Contains from the UNC-CH Institute for Academic Technology newsletter Briefings, copies of papers from the IAT Technology Primers and Technical Papers series, and source lists and bibliographies from the Information Resource Guides series. Other good words: computers, microcomputer, software, academic, education, instruction, curriculum, training, CD-ROM, laserdisc, videodisc, multimedia, hardware, scanner, equipment, presentation, projection, bibliography, copyright, windows, teaching, learning, Microsoft Windows, classroom, distance education, distance learning, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, IBM, screen design, instructional design, mathematics, mathematical, humanities, foreign language, engineering, business, chemistry, literature, music, writing, computer laboratory, workshops, textbook, information technology, disabled, disability, innovation, satellite broadcast, ToolBook These files are also available via anonymous ftp from The files of type filename used in the index were: /home3/ftp/pub/UNC-info/IAT/INDEX /home3/ftp/pub/UNC-info/IAT/guides /home3/ftp/pub/UNC-info/IAT/iat-info /home3/ftp/pub/UNC-info/IAT/newslett /home3/ftp/pub/UNC-info/IAT/technote )

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title: Compact Disc Formats

outline: Compact Disc Formats

keys: laserdisc

excerpt: Compact Disc Formats This note is an attempt to answer the oft-asked questions about CD formats like "What is the difference between CD-DA, CD-ROM, CD-ROM/XA, and CD-I?" and "How is Photo CD compatible with all of these?" and "What is the difference between single-session and multi-session discs?" In the beginning, there was CD-DA (Compact Disc-Digital Audio), or standard music CDs. CD-DA begat CD-ROM when people realized that you could store a whole bunch of computer data on a 12cm optical disc (650mb). CD-ROM drives are simply another kind of digital storage media for computers, albeit read-only. They are peripherals just like hard disks and floppy drives. (Incidentally, the convention is that when referring to magnetic media, it is spelled "disk." Optical

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title: The Rush FAQ

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excerpt: The Rush FAQ Subject: Combined FAQs Rush Fans Frequently Asked Questions List Combination of Parts 1, 2, and 3 This file contains questions that seem to crop up frequently in The National Midnight Star and If you received a copy of this file in email, other than as an issue of TNMS, it is probably because you asked one of these questions. This file has been expanded into 3 files because some mailers have problems with files that are longer than 60K. Part 1 contains general questions about the band. Part 2 contains questions inspired by specific albums and songs up to and including stuff on _A Show Of Hands_. Part 3 contains questions about material starting with _Presto_. If you want a copy of the current version of this file, email me and I'll

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outline: Anime Coming Soon

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excerpt: Anime The UCI Bookstore is proud to present our first-rate collection of Japanese Animation. Check out the Japanimation/Anime section of our Gopher hole to get important info on new releases and place pre-orders for copies of things that aren't yet available. In addition to videotapes, we stock tons of anime-related soundtrack CDs, laserdiscs, graphic novels, books, posters, and T-shirts. You can also search or browse our Gopher-based database for anime. Coming Soon Anime on the Web, featuring articles, audio, graphics, and video for your dining and dancing pleasure. In the meantime, try a true fan's repository -- a labor of love. Jump to: * Books * Music * UCI Gifts * Exhibitions * UCI Bookstore Home Page
UCI Bookstore Anime Page

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outline: Ah!/Oh My Goddess! Orders Aa! Megami-sama CDs Oh My Goddess! Videotapes AMG Posters

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excerpt: Ah!/Oh My Goddess! Orders [Way Up - UCI Bookstore AMG Intro] [Up - AMG FAQ Table of Contents] [AMG FAQ - CDs] [AMG FAQ - Videos] Ah!/Oh My Goddess! Orders Besides the titles that appear below, we often receive random new AMG products from Japan at a moment's notice. Please don't hesitate to write our orders desk and inquire about something you may have only heard of on an anime mailing list; we just may have it! Aa! Megami-sama CDs We have these AMS CDs in stock most of the time: Aa! Megami-sama Ongaku-hen (Music collection) Volume 1 Pony Canyon PCCG-00237 (1993.8.22), 29 tracks, 42:30, $34.99 Aa! Megami-sama Original Soundtrack volume 2 Super Pony Canyon PCCG-00258 (1994.06.01), 49 tracks, 73:50, $34.99 Ah! Megami-sama Tokuten-ou ~ Claim taishou-gai-hen collection

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Antoine Busnois, Missa O Crux Lignum
Book of Motets
Cappella Giulia Chansonnier
Chant manuscript
Josquin des Prez, Missa de Beata Virgine
Manuscript of Keyboard Music
Music room three
Roll listing singers and their benefices

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Antoine Brumel, Laudate Dominum
Editio Medicea
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, Second Book of Masses
Girolamo Mei, Letter to Girolamo Mei to Vincenzo Galilei
Liber quindecim Missarum
Manuscript of Polyphonic Music
Music room two
Ptolemy, Harmonics
The Chigi Codex

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Alessandro Melani, L'Empio Punito
Alternate Exhibit Objects
Giovanni Spataro, Letter to Giovanni di Lago
Jacques Barbireau, Missa Virgo parens Christi
Manuscript of Hymns, Magnificats, and Motets
Nicola Vicetino, L'Antica Musica ridotto a la moderna prattica

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Constitution of the Sistine Chapel singers
Costanzo Festa, Collection of Polyphonic Hymns and Magnificats
Diary of Paris de Grassis
Elzear Genet (Carpentras), Lamentations
Etienne Duperac, The Papal Majesty in the Sistine Chapel
Music Room One
Music Treatises
Records of the Papal Singers
Stefano Landi, Sant'Alessio

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