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From: (Werner Eberl)
Newsgroups: sci.nonlinear
Subject: Who Is Who in Nonlinear Dynamics on the WWW
Date: 11 Oct 1994 14:36:09 GMT
Organization: Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Germany
Lines: 89
Distribution: world
Message-ID: <37e7sp$>

             Building the "Final Dynamic Release" of the

        international Who-Is-Who Handbook of Nonlinear Dynamics

It becomes more and more obvious that the information exchange is
reaching a phase transition towards electronic communication,
especially that based on Hypermedia and World Wide Web.

Last year our group published a dictionary of the most important
research institutes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland dealing
with nonlinear phaenomena.

In order to break through the regional constraint and to ensure
absolute actuality we decided to publish the next version of 
the Handbook as a Hypertext document on the World Wide Web.

What you have to do is to set up your own Hypertext page containing
a description of your institute, your activities, your publications,
pictures, diagrams, sounds, ...,  what you think is interesting.
Maybe you already have set up such a page.
You put this file(s) on a WWW-, anonymous ftp- or gopher server at 
your site and then just tell us the address of this Hypertext page.
For example, our page has the address:
From then on you are responsible for the actuality 
If you need help preparing your Hypertext document, please write me
What we will do is to sustain an easy access to nonlinear researchers
by supplying indexes (by name, by field, by city, by subjects).
For this index we need you to fill out the following form:

--------------------------------------------- begin form -------------
#HN Prof. Firstname M. Lastname, PhD.
#AI Nonlinear Institute
#AS 42, Chaos Av.
#AZ XY 12345    (ZIP Code, Postleitzahl)
#AT Chaos City, XY 12345
#AC Mycountry (country name in english)
#FI field of research (e.g. Economics, Physics, ...)
#SU subject1; subject2; subject3 (e.g. laser; stock market; ...)
#W3  (URL)

---------------------------------------------- end form -------------- 

Mail this form to:

 1. Please use semicolons (;) to separate subjects (and maybe fields).
 2. The '#' has to be in the first column.
 3. Within one subject the first word with a Capital letter is
    used for sorting by subjects, if no word has a Capital letter,
    the first word is used.
 4. Please denote just one URL
 5. No human being will read this mailbox, please check the results
    by looking at the WWW-Page the next day. 
 6. Data will be automatically processed once every day.
 7. Please do not add any other information about you or your work 
    to this form. Put this stuff into your document.
 8. We are not offering a WWW-Form for data entry in order to
    avoid too much junk.

If you have changes, please send a new email with the same "from" field
(i.e. send your mail from the same computer)
Only the last mail of each sender will be kept and evaluated.
If we find ridiculous or unserious entries we will delete them. 

The actual Handbook will be readable in:


Werner Eberl, Chaos Group at the Munich University of Technology (TUM)

P.S.: Please do not send comments to the above address.
      send them to 

Dr. Werner Eberl, Tel. 089/2105-2320,
Chaosgruppe, Verein zur Foerderung der Erforschung nichtlin. Dynamik e.V. 
Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Arcisstr. 21, D-80290 Muenchen