Notes for self-reproduction of Web pages and programs -- a footnote --

* A program is included in the Web page in the case of page reproduction corresponding to (including) program reproduction. The program in the page reproduces the program and the HTML text around. But, the JavaScript program to be called is not necessarily included in the Web page. A JavaScript program can be put in another URL and be referred by the page. If using this form, it will be possible to reproduce a Web page without reproducing the program, because the program that each reproduced page refers can always be at the same URL. A reproducting program can be much more simpler by this method. This method works for most of purposes. But, if incomplete reproduction of the program is necessary, this method cannot be used. This method also does not work on Navigator Ver 3.
Yasusi Kanada (yasusi @
Created: 97-11-3, Updated : 97-11-26