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RACA: Randomized Asynchronous Cellular Automata


What is RACA?

RACA is a model for complex systems. Conventional cellular automata, which was studied by Wolfram, are synchronous and deterministic. On the contrary, RACA are asynchronous and non-deterministic, or more precisely, they are randomized. RACA and CCM are similar in their stochastic behavior. The research of RACA was initially started when I computed cellular automata by using CCM.

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I spent only very limited time for this research, and it was accepted only as a poster in ALIFE IV. In spite of these facts, I found this paper, which was not included in the ALIFE IV proceedings, has been referred to by eleven papers and the article of Asynchronous Cellular Automaton in Wikipedia (in March 2007). It seems to be amazing for me. I found one of them at Citeseer. However, if Google Scholar did not exist, I could not find most of them.

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