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My lifework

I have studied CCM (Chemical Computation Model) for emergent computation, axis-specified search, voiscape (a virtual "sound room" based communication medium), and so on. There are common "themes" among the above three researches. They are "fusion of digital and analog" and "fusion of symbols and subsymbols".

CCM is a computation model that leads symbolic or "digital" computations represented by motions in discrete state spaces to a solution by using so-called local order degrees (a type of evaluation functions), which are "analog".

Axis-specified search is a method of search, which organizes the results of "digital" keyword searches by using time --a one-dimensional "analog" quantity -- (in the case of year-axis search) or by using area or map -- a two-dimensional "analog" quantity -- (in the case of geographical axis search). I tried to enable intuitive grasp of search results by putting them in analog spaces.

In voiscape, voice itself has both digital nature called language and analog nature called sound, but, in addition, by putting it in a three- (or two-) dimensional analog space, move it from two-valued (digital) world to a world with perspective, which can be well grasped by human senses.

Although the two research themes except voiscape, which is ongoing, cannot be called life works. However, I believe the common themes, i.e., "fusion of digital and analog" and "fusion of symbols and subsymbols" will be my life works. In addition, I changed my research themes as the above order, but I think I can say my research theme gradually becomes closer to "human beings". In my master's thesis, I chose "programming linguistics" as the research theme. Since then, except CCM, I can say I tried to revive human existence where it was conventionally ignored or abstract away.

Note: Because I included a content in an independent Web page into this blog, the submission date is before the date I started this blog.

Keywords: Analog, Digital, Subsymbolic, voiscape, Emergent computation, CCM, Chemical Casting Model, Chemical Computation Model, Axis-specified search

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Ryan J. Buchanan (Spiral):

very inspiring Kanda-sensei. Arigato

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