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Yasusi Kanada, Ph.D

Email: Yasusi . Kanada . yq @ hitachi . com and yasusi @ kanadas . com

WWW: http://www.kanadas.com/ (not this page!)

My current major work is development of virtualization nodes (routers). This is part of a research project on "New Generation Networks" conducted by NICT. I am also interested in developing a new voice-communication medium called voiscape, which can be more widely used than telephone or conference systems. My work until fiscal year of 2001 was on active networks (computing networks), policy-based networking, and internet QoS (quality of service). Until around March 1999, I have been studying and developing methods for searching and reorganizing information placed on the Internet, e.g., WWW or online encyclopaedia, especially on "thematic search" / "axis-specified search". I believe my lifework that connects most of the above researches is "fusion of analog and digital", or "fusion of symbols and subsymbols". These research-related information can be accessed through "research themes overview" or "research topics". My paper list is in "paper summary". Recently, I started a blog. This blog contains information not limited to my research, but it contains much less information than the Japanese version. In addition, I supply East Japan Earthquake Support Information Blog (in Japanese), the Great Hanshin Earthquake Page (in Japanese), and the Great Hanshin (Kobe) Earthquake Page (in English, but most links are dead).


My Current and Past Research-themes (reverse order)

Network virtualization
Development of network virtualization platform, which consists of programmable network nodes and which enables creation of virtual networks that is not restricted by conventional protocols such as IP or Ethernet. New generation networks are studied on this platform.
voiscape: a virtual "sound room" based communication medium
Development of a new communication medium by which two or more persons can talk each other by using a virtual sound space based on spatial sound technology.
Active Networks, Policy-based Networking, and QoS Guarantee
Research on development of programmable and virtualized network, and methods of combining (composing) policies, or on component-based policies.
Axis-Specified Search (Thematic Search)
Development of search methods in which users (searchers) specify an axis of search in addition to keywords and in which the search results are arranged along the axis.
Self-reproduction of Web pages
Small-scale research on developing a method for reproducing and displaying exactly or almost the same Web page as the original.
CCM: Chemical-Computation Model
Research on a computation method in which only local information is used, i.e., each action in CCM refers only a few data, and there is no global plan (i..e., no program) for the computation.
RACA: Randomized Asynchronous Cellular Automata
Small-scale research on asynchronous and non-deterministic (i.e., randomized) cellular automata, but an article in Wikipedia described it (in March 2007).
Logic/Symbolic Vector Processing
Development of methods of vector processing of logic programming languages and/or symbolic vector processing etc.
Programming Linguistics
Research on programming languages (programs) using the methods of linguistics.
Programming Language Processing for Vector / Parallel Computers
Development of a programming language and compilation techniques for a MIMD computer and vector (SIMD) supercomputers.
Programming Language Processing for Scalar Computers
Development of compilers of programming languages, SIMPL and Pascal.

Selected papers

Communication and Networking

Multi-Context Voice Communication In A SIP/SIMPLE-Based Shared Virtual Sound Room With Early Reflections
Kanada, Y., 15th ACM International Workshop on Network and Operating System Support for Digital Audio and Video (NOSSDAV 2005), pp. 45-50, June 2005. ...
Multi-Context Voice Communication Controlled By Using An Auditory Virtual Space
Kanada, Y., 2nd IASTED International Conference on Communication and Computer Networks (CCN 2004), November 2004. ...
Rule-Based Building-Block Architecture for Policy-based Networking
Kanada, Y. and O'Keefe, B. J., Journal of Network and Systems Management, Vol. 11, No. 3, pp. 253-275, 2003. ...
Dynamically Extensible Policy Server and Agent
Kanada, Y., 3rd International Workshop on Policies for Distributed Systems and Networks (Policy 2002), pp. 236-239, June 2002. ...

Emergent computation and Combinatorial problems

Constraint Satisfaction by Parallel Optimization of Local Evaluation Functions with Annealing
Kanada, Y., 未出版, 1996.
Stochastic Problem Solving by Local Computation based on Self-organization Paradigm
Kanada, Y., and Hirokawa, M., 27th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-27), 82-91, 1994. ...

Search, Extraction, and Organization

A Method of Geographical Name Extraction from Japanese Text for Thematic Geographical Search
Kanada, Y., 18th International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM'99), pp. 46-54, November 1999 ...
Axis-specified Search: A Fine-grained Full-text Search Method for Gathering and Structuring Excerpts
Kanada, Y., 3rd ACM Conference on Digital Libraries, pp. 108-117, 1998, (C) Copyright 1998 by ACM. ...

Super symbol-computing

A Method of Vector Processing for Shared Symbolic Data
Kanada, Y., Parallel Computing, Vol. 19, 1993, pp. 1155-1175.
Vectorization Techniques for Prolog without Explosion
Kanada, Y., and Sugaya, M., International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence '89, pp. 151-156, 1989. ...
Other papers are also available.

More Information on Kanada's Research

A Survey of the Research Themes
including CCM, RACA, and other research themes.
Links for Kanada's Research
including research informations on AI, Evolutionary Computation, and so on. (But most of them have already been died.)

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I like Macintosh and I used one, but now I mainly use Linux and Windows NT. (I want to use Mac again instead of cursed Windows!)
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Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd. (as a Senior Researcher)
Totsuka-ku Yoshida-cho 292
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