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Re: Mcl 3.0 Announcement ? (John Gersh)
Thu, 17 Nov 1994 11:11:25 -0500
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In article <>, (Karsten Poeck) wrote:

> Paul Meurer refered in his posting to an annoucement of MCL 3.0. Could
> perhaps someone post that announcement in the comp.lang.lisp.mcl or if
> this already happened and our newsserver lost it e-mail it to

The announcement is available on the Apple Cambridge World-Wide-Web server,

Here's the text:

Date: Wed, 16 Nov 1994 00:00:41 -0500
From: (Hazem Sayed)
Subject: 1st MCL Development Update
We have begun the port of MCL to the PowerPC platform, and hope to have it completed late next year. MCL for the Power Macintosh will be based on the as yet unreleased MCL 3.0.

In the first half of 1995, we expect to release MCL 3.0 for 680x0 Macs to include support for multiple threads, improved FRED text handling and display with WorldScript support, and new handy programming tools. Though this will not be a PowerPC native release, it will be a major step in that direction, with a considerable reduction of 680x0-specific code. More importantly for MCL users, version 3.0 will provide functionality to assure a smooth transition to future versions of the Mac OS with a high degree of cross-platform source code compatibility.

Specific new features will be announced as they are committed to.

Also planned for the first half of 1995 is a student edition of MCL with a target price of under $100. Nominations for an introductory Lisp book to accompany the student edition are welcome.

The price of MCL 3.0 for 680x0 Macs will be $595 per license. A 20% discount will be introduced for education. No price is announced for MCL for the PowerPC.

The upgrade to version 3.0 will be: $135.00 for customers who purchased MCL 2.0.1 prior to November 1, 1994. $75.00 for customers who purchased MCL 2.0.1 as of November 1, 1994.


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