From: (Joseph Czyzyk)
Newsgroups: sci.op-research
Subject: Re: Web Sites related to Stocahstic Optimization
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 1995 16:20:16 GMT
Organization: Math and Computer Science, Argonne National Laboratory
Message-ID: <>
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> I am looking for Web Sites related to Stochastic Optimization, any
> help would be appreciated.

For general information on stochastic linear programming, visit
the Web page at the University of Michigan:

You can get a layman's description of stochastic linear programming in
the NEOS Guide:

You can solve stochastic linear programs in standard form by using the
NEOS server.  Visit
for more information.  A new solver for the server, MSLiP, will be
available within a day or two.

Joe Czyzyk

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