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Ishinomaki, Kesennuma, and Sendai at the end of April 2011 Since the end of April 2011, I went to Ishinomaki, Kesennuma, and Sendai, and I took many photos, and worked as a volunteer. I have summarized the experience in Kindle books: "Tsunami Disaster of the Great Earthquake -- Ishinomaki Part ", "Tsunami Disaster of the Great Earthquake -- Kesennuma Part", "Tsunami Disaster of the Great Earthquake -- Sendai Part. I will donate the royalty for disaster victims. (March 17, 2013 7:58 PM)
Kindle photo book on several Asian cities Based on my Japanese blog, I have published three photo books as Kindle books. Bangarole in January,Cappadocia, Turky in July (Vol. 1 and Vol. 2), Singapore in November (Vol. 1 and Vol. 2). In addition, I have published a digest of these books titled "Trips in Asian Three Cities -- 70 photo collection -- ". (March 17, 2013 7:46 PM)
Computer Networks (Lecture Blog) I am writing a blog (in Japanese) on "Computer Networks" which is a night class lecture at Kogakuin University. (September 17, 2012 11:29 AM)
East Japan Earthquake Support Information Blog (in Japanese) I have opened a new blog to supply information for volunteers, especially for "information volunteers". Because this site is operated by myself alone, this blog cannot supply all information on this disaster. However, I will do my best. (March 23, 2011 9:45 PM)
Starting WASS Trial Service (explanation in Japanese) and WASS (Wikipedia Axis-Specified Search) On December 13, 2009, DASYN.com started a trial service called WASS (Wikipedia Axis-Specified Search), which was a chronological and geographical axis-specified search service on Japanese version of Wikipedia. This service is briefly explained in WASS Trial Service (in Japanese). (December 28, 2009 8:40 PM)
Small and Large Stones of Programming Small and Large Stones of Programming collects variety of program parts from small fragments, programming techniques, and modules. (October 3, 2008 8:24 PM)

Original Information

Weblog (E) | Weblog (J)
Weblog in English and Weblog in Japanese are available.
Research & Development
Research themes overview | Research topics |
Paper summary | Paper list | Various Paper lists |
Thematic/axis-specified search |
Active/Policy-based Net and QoS |
CCM | CCM Examples by Java * |
Self-reproduction |
Logic/Symbol Supercomputing |
RACA (old ver)
Here is an overview of Kanada's research themes. Topics that spread among two or more research topics are described in Research topics A summary and a more detailed list of Kanada's papers are available. Several lists of papers, including a categorized list of CCM-related papers, are also available. CCM Examples by Java are available. Thematic searching / axis-specified searching is a method of information-organizing search. Active Networks, Policy-based Networking and QoS Assurance page shows methods for distributed computing on internets, a network of routers, and their applications to QoS assurance. CCM (Chemical Casting Model) is a model for emergent computation. Examples and explanation of self-reproductive Web page, which is his episodic work, are available. Logic/Symbol Supercomputing was his former research theme. RACA (old ver) is randomized asynchronous cellular automata.
Software & Tools
Small and Large Stones of Programming |
The SSIP Communicator |
Simple Calculator by JavaScript |
CCM Examples by Java * |
Tools | ISDN (J) | Linux (J)
Small and Large Stones of Programming collects variety of program parts from small fragments, programming techniques, and modules. A tiny chat program called the SSIP Communicator and its explanation is available. It is intended to be used for learning internet-based protocols and communication programs. A simple calculator written by JavaScript is also available. You may be interested in looking at this program as a simple JavaScript example. Tools for Converting Mail File, and so on, and Memos on ISDN Connection to Linux etc. using MN128, Memos on Installing Linux are available.
Miscellaneous Tasks
Tasks at RWCP | Conference Reports (J)
Here is an overview of Kanada's miscellaneous tasks when he was in Tsukuba Research Center, RWCP. He developed RWC PKA Workshop Page (which has gone!). Several conference reports are also available.
Volunteer Work
East Japan Earthquake Support Information Blog (J) |
Hanshin Quake (J) | Quake links |
VAG (J) |
Peace & Nuclear |
Volunteer & NGO/NPO
East Japan Earthquake Support Information Blog is a site for supplying information for volunteers, especially for information volunteers. The Great Hanshin Earthquake focuses on information volunteers, WWW and other network-based work related to the earthquake. A collection of links used for this page is also available. Kanada was a member of Volunteer Assist Group (VAG), which is a network of volunteers to help volunteers for the earthquake. He also developed a page on Think about Peace and Nuclear Power, and Volunteer work and NGO/NPO Page.
Personal Information
Information on Kanada himself is available.

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Personal facebook: @yasusi.kanada
Commercial facebook: @DasynCom

Twitter: ykanada

Instagram on 3D design lamps: dasyn_com
Instagram on AI art: aiart_yk

Pinterest: yasusik


The following link collections are mainly for personal use. So, it is not guaranteed to be fresh (_ _)

Computer Science & Technology
AI | ALife & Complex Sys. | Evolutionary Computation | Neuro |
CSP & Optimization |
Programming | Parallel & HPC | Lisps | Edit. & Util. | OS | Software | Macintosh | Hardware | Network | CMC | IR | Multimedia & Art | Paper Formats | Conferences | Miscellaneous
Collections of links to Computer Science and Technology are available: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Artificial Life (ALife) and Complex Systems, Evolutionary Computation, Neural Networks, Constraint Satisfaction Problems (CSP) and Combinatorial Optimization Problems, Programming and Languages in general, Programming for Parallel and High-performance Computing (HPC), Lisps, Editors and Utilities, Operating Systems (OS), Software (Products), Macintosh, Hardware (Products) and Architecture, Computer Communication and Network, Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC), Information Retrieval (IR), Multimedia and Art, Confernces and call-for-papers, Miscellaneous information is available here.
Internet, World Wide Web, Electronic & Paper Library
Introduction | Server List | Browsers | Search | Agents | Tools | HTML |
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Booksellers| Paper Libraries | Online Lib. & Publications | Online Books | Magazines & Journals | Newspapers |
Hypermedia | Conferences | Miscellaneous
Collections of links to WWW and Internet related pages are available: Introductory Items, Links to Internet Server List, Web Browsers, Search Engines and Robots and other tools, Documents on HTML, Business on WWW, Internet Space and Connection Providers, Electronic Commerce and Shopping and Filtering Agents. Collections of links to paper and electronic publishers and libraries are available: Bookstores and Publishers (Booksellers), Online Catalogues of Paper Libraries, Online Libraries and Publications, Online Books, Magazines and Journals, Newspapers, and so on. Information on Hypermedia is also available. Confernces and call-for-papers are available. Miscellaneous information is available here. However, most information are not new (one or two years old).
Science & Technology
OR | Sys. Sci. |
Mathematics | Physics | Conferences | Miscellaneous
Collections of links of wider range of sciences and technologies are available. Operations Research (OR), System Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, and so on. Limited information on confernces and call-for-papers are available. Miscellaneous information is available here.
Music, Art & Humanities
Music |
Composers | CDs & LDs |
Art & Multimedia |
Philosophy | Laws | Miscellaneous
Music Page contains information especially on classical and contemporary music and computer music. Composer List Page contains links to Web pages on more than 300 classical and contemporary composers. Information on compact disc (CDs) and Laserdiscs (LDs) of classical and comtemporary music is also available (but bit older). Art and Multimedia Page and Philosophy Page are also avaiable. Constitutions and Laws Page (in Japanese) is available. Miscellaneous information is available here.
Miscellaneous Links
Sci. Societies | Misc. Organizations |
Puzzles & Games |
Wine | Dining & Cooking |
Maps | Birth & Baby | Miscellaneous
Collections of links to Scientific Societies and Miscellaneous Organizations are available. Magic square related articles are found in Puzzles and Games Page. Links to good wine sites are found in Wine Page. Links to restaurants and recipes are found in Dining and Cooking Page. There also are pages on Online Maps and Birth and Baby Page. Miscellaneous Information on WWW or Internet, including links to world-wide pages of general interests: Travel and Hotels, Regional Information, Politics, and so on.

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